Yoga for Patients

Committed to patient comfort, health, and well being.

Each group or one-on-one sessions between instructor and patient involve adaptive poses and techniques that target musculoskeletal problems diagnosed by their doctors. With focus on both physical and mental health, our therapists use breathwork and relaxation techniques combined with physical exercise to build confidence and comfort in each class.

Patients find comfort in taking a “conditioned-based” class in their physician’s clinic, where we teach them how to perform our “prescribed poses” in their own homes. These achievable exercises are aligned to their current physical states, which make the poses more attainable, while also increasing their likelihood of achieving long-term results. Florida Yoga Therapy helps the clinic providing that little extra care to meet extended needs.

Whether you want to address complex medical issues, obtain a more balanced state of mind, or simply get into better shape, Florida Yoga Therapy can develop a treatment plan just for you.