Yoga for Medical Clinics

A complement to modern medical treatments.

Valued for centuries, the benefits of yoga led by licensed yoga therapists are finally being recognized by clinicians and medical practitioners throughout the United States. Research shows that when yoga therapy is individualized and targeted with a healing focus, the practice can achieve incredible results.

We make it easy for doctors, nurses, and clinical staff in Central Florida to provide patients with a fulfilling and meaningful yoga therapy experience. Our licensed instructors are able to organize sessions based on your time and availability. Best of all, we come to you. Our staff will arrive at your office and setup in any designated area—an empty open space, reception area, or small room—whatever works best for you and your patients. No special equipment required.

With your assistance and guidance, our therapists will design each patient’s session according to your specifications and diagnoses, as well as modify the session according to their level of progression throughout the treatment plan.

By offering yoga therapy at your medical clinic, you are able to complement and enhance your existing medical treatments, bringing a new level of patient satisfaction and loyalty to your clinic. Our yoga therapists will become an extension of your practice, seamlessly adapting to your clinic’s brand, tone, and processes. Rest assured, our yoga therapists are not only passionate and expertly qualified, they are also personable and professional, representing the brand of your medical clinic in the highest of lights. Most importantly, you can trust our therapists to always follow all “doctor’s orders” and never modify a patient’s treatment plan without your prior approval.