About Us

Synchronizing the mind and body through medically focused yoga therapy.

Combining yoga practices with medical-based methodology, Florida Yoga Therapy provides small groups (2-8 patients) with “condition-based” Yoga Therapy classes at your medical center. Florida Yoga Therapy crafts customized care programs that are physically therapeutic and encompass relaxation techniques for mental balance. Each class is conducted at your clinic with all necessary equipment and props provided by our therapist, in order to create a level of patient comfort and an atmosphere to promote healing, strength, compassion, and self confidence.

Our Founder

Founder Felicia Dhanani began Florida Yoga Therapy with the goal of bringing the best of therapeutic yoga and caring emotional support to the people who needed it most.

Felicia is a yoga and breathwork specialist, as well as a certified instructor in Raja Yoga, a comprehensive form of Ashtanga yoga therapy from the prestigious and historic Himalayan Yoga Institute in India. Felicia also holds certifications in yoga therapy and chair yoga, which has been successfully used in rehabilitation centers and medical clinics across the country.

Programs focus on relaxation techniques, increased range of motion, breathwork, and improved joint health. By working together with clinicians at medical clinics and hospitals, Felicia and the staff at Florida Yoga Therapy are able to craft customized care programs to help patients achieve their goals.